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Micael Bindefelds Stiftelse till minne av Förintelsen (Micael Bindefeld´s Foundation in memory of the Holocaust) was founded in 2014 by Micael Bindefeld in order to support those who have a desire to communicate, provide information, illustrate, or otherwise convey knowledge to a wider audience in Sweden of stories from the Holocaust.

Board Members consist of:

Micael Bindefeld, Chairman
Peter Wolodarski (Editor in Chief ”Dagens Nyheter”)
Eva Swartz Grimald (Chairman ”Norstedts” and ”Doberman AB”)
Daniel Pool (CEO ”Expo”)
Henrik Lindquist, (CEO Enter Fonder AB)
Mia Edwall Insulander, (Secretary General ”The Swedish Bar Association”)
Willy Silberstein, (Former chairman ”The Swedish Committee Against Antisemitism”)
Ingrid Lomfors, (Superintendent ”The Living History Forum”)
Aron Verständig, (Chairman ”Jewish Community in Stockholm”)

The stories of history is central to Jewish tradition. By discussing and educating around the Holocaust humanity may avoid a repeat of the past. For each passing year it becomes increasingly difficult to gain first hand testimony from those who experienced the Holocaust and the accounts which link to the killing of six million Jews. Although knowledge of crimes against humanity alone cannot prevent new genocides, education of the systemic murders which took place during World War II may prevent future persecution and mass murder of minorities.

The Foundation gratefully accepts voluntary financial contributions. Gifts can be deposited into the Foundation’s bank account and donations will go to projects that the Foundation annually decides to support. All board members work on a voluntarily basis keeping operating costs to a minimum. Costs for lawyers and other administration are kept on a pro-bono basis.

The Foundation awards scholarships once per year on January 27th which coincides with the Holocaust Memorial Day. The Board elects to whom or to which projects it supports based on foundation statutes and provincial government approvals. Contributions may be in the form of a book, a play, a photo exhibition, a movie or a drama production. The stories which are told must aim at reaching a large Swedish audience and connect to the memory of the Holocaust. Scholarship applications are reviewed on an annual basis.

For more information regarding the Foundation, donations and scholarships, please contact:


The Foundation is annually supported by Prins Carl Gustafs Stiftelse (Prince Carl Gustaf´s Foundation) which is a royal foundation founded in 1976 in order to promote charitable, social, artistic, sporting and other cultural or public purposes.